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There is an additional 3% fee for online bids.

MurphyLIVE! is the James G. Murphy Co. live online bidding system which allows you to participate in real-time live bidding at selected auctions from the comfort of your computer. Registration information, downloads and terms are listed below. Pre-approval is required prior to bidding (see registration & pre-approval information below).

Registration for MurphyLIVE! is now open and will close at 2PM the day prior to the auction. Registrations submitted after 2PM may not be eligible to bid at that auction but will be processed at a later date and approval will be considered for future auctions only.

Just want to watch a MurphyLIVE! Auction?

To view a MurphyLIVE! auction without bidding, download the MurphyLIVE! software  below and login (on the bidding window) with:

username = livedemo
password = kenmore

How to bid with MurphyLIVE!

MurphyLIVE! users must be approved to bid prior to the auction. Once you are approved you will be assigned a MurphyLIVE! user name of our creation (it’s not your e-mail address used to login to our website).  Once approved, you’ll be able to bid on all future MurphyLIVE! auctions.

Be or become a registered user on our website (by going to

  • Determine how much of a bidding limit you need, login on our website, then pre-authorize a credit card for 10% of that amount (one time only) by going to
  • Only approved users are allowed to bid with MurphyLIVE!
  • Once credit card pre-approval is received you will receive a unique MurphyLIVE! user name by email.
  • Download & install the MurphyLIVE! bidding software (Bottom of this page).  
  • Once the MurphyLIVE! software is installed you will have a  MurphyLIVE! Bidder icon  on your computer. To bid with MurphyLIVE!, double click on the ML bidder icon to launch the bidding application. Login on the lower left corner of the bidding window, with your MurphyLIVE! user name and your password. (DO NOT go to our website to login).
  • MurphyLIVE! is available for selected auctions only
  • MurphyLIVE! is available only for Windows operating systems
  • MurphyLive! is NOT available for smart phones or Apple/Mac systems


MurphyLIVE! is available at selected auctions only.  MurphyLIVE! bidding is offered at the auctions listed on our Auction Schedule page which have the MurphyLIVE! logo just left of the auction name.  Please be aware that at some auctions only the major equipment will be available for MurphyLIVE! Bidding. If the entire auction is not available for MurphyLIVE! bidding, that will be noted in the auction terms. Please check the terms for the auction you want to participate in on the Auction Schedule page of our website.


If you are a successful MurphyLIVE bidder, you will be emailed an invoice after the auction. We do not automatically charge the credit card you used to do your pre-authorization.  Online bidders can pay online by logging in to the website, going to the Online Bidding dropdown menu and selecting Pay Invoice. You can enter your invoice number and payment amount. Once we receive full payment we will email you a paid in full invoice. 

    Full payment is due by 4pm the day following the auction (unless stated otherwise in the terms for a particular auction).
    Payment must be made by wire transfer, cash, cashier’s check, or credit cards through Internet Secure.


JGM Co. does not provide invoices for individuals other than the original purchaser. If the original purchaser is sending a driver or sub-contracted shipper, the driver is required to show proof of purchase. Proof of purchase includes a paid receipt, copy of a paid receipt or a lot release.

All purchases must be removed from the auction site in accordance of the terms for the auction you are bidding on. (go to:

If you require shipping please check availability PRIOR to bidding.

How to listen live!

If you already have an Adobe Flash-enabled browser, simply CLICK HERE to listen during any MurphyLIVE! auction listed on our auction schedule. Please note that the audio player will display a status message and remain silent until the auctioneer addresses the floor at the beginning of an auction or at the end of a break.

Once you have Flash installed on your computer, you can also listen to our auctions on the audio tab inside the MurphyLIVE! bidder application.

If you do not have the Adobe Flash player installed on your computer, please CLICK HERE to install it from their download page.

If you are unsure of your browser's ability to play flash audio, you can visit their ABOUT page to get a status report on your current player - please update if your status doesn't come back as version 9,0,28,0 (or greater) installed.


You must download the MurphyLIVE! Bidding Software and you may be required to also download Microsoft DotNet 2.0 Framework (see below).

Please read the Usage Terms & Conditions document before registering to bid online.

Also, please read the System Requirements document before attempting a MurphyLIVE! install. MurphyLIVE! was specifically designed for Windows XP users with the Microsoft DotNet Framework 2.0 installed as described in that documentation.

If you have trouble installing due to DotNet 2.0, please follow the link provided below to download Microsoft's latest version of this framework.

MurphyLIVE! Bidding Software
Microsoft DotNet 2.0 FrameworkRequired, only if prompted
Installation Instructions & User Guide

Usage Terms & Conditions
System Requirements


MurphyLIVE! bidding is subject to terms and conditions founds here


It is the policy of JGM Auctions to respect the privacy of all individuals and as such will only use information submitted via this site for internal purposes.